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    Server & Service Performance & Monitoring ?

    Richard Post Guide

      How do you check the health and performance of your servers, or more specifically your Pharos servers ?


      What settings and setup do you use to track and/or monitor health ?


      Do you monitor the services to ensure they remain running ?  Do you send alerts or take automated actions if they are not ?


      What tools do you use to accomplish this ?  (UpTime, What's Up, or others ?)


      If you use Windows Performance Monitor, which Data Collector Set(s) and which counters do you use ?


      In your environment, what are good vs warning vs alarming results for the counts or metrics ?


      Feel free to causally respond or even message me privately if you'd rather share privately.


      I'd like to publish some best practices or at least what we see in the field based n what our customers are doing.