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Auto-filling Logon ID in Windows 7 Signup Client

Question asked by bsbwlibrary on Apr 16, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2014 by bsbwlibrary

Hello all,


We recently replaced all our Windows XP machines with new PCs running Win7, and have found that the Logon ID field is no longer populated automatically. The documentation in Pharos Administrator says that if you include the Logon ID variable (%1) in the "Computer Reserved" prompt, the Logon ID field should be filled when the user goes to log on, which was the case under XP but is no longer happening under Win7. We're a public library and most of our patrons are logging in using their long (13 or 14 digit) library barcode numbers, so naturally people are now complaining that they have to type these in at each login.


Is there any way to get this feature back, perhaps via a registry key or even using scripts somehow? If we can't get the Signup Client to automatically fill the Logon ID field then we'll probably have to install barcode scanners at every public PC, something we'd like to avoid.


Thanks in advance!