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Jobs do not print

Question asked by Scott Perkins on Apr 15, 2014
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We are running Pharos Uniprint 8.3.  We have over 70 printers with 3 print servers, an app server and a database server.  All servers are VM's.  Printer brands are mostly Xerox 5550's, 7400 and 7500's.  We also have Kodak 9110's, Dell 5110's and a Xerox 7760.


Ever since the method of printing to a device was changed to LPR from port 9100 we have jobs that don't print.  They show up as printed and they charge the customer like it was printed but the file does not print.  This isn't just a job or two, it's a regular thing where at any given time there is usually at least one or two jobs that haven't printed.  The only way we as administrators know that a job didn't print is by looking in the printed jobs (prior to aging off in 90 minutes) and the status says "PageCounted, Held".  A job that actually printed says "PageCounted, Released, Recorded, Held".  If the job is aged off, we have to look at printer logs to see if it printed which in come cases get erased if the machine is rebooted.


Support has fingered the device but we have multiple device brands and it has happened on all.  We are thinking it has to do with network or performance issues with our VM's or NAS storage. 


Has anyone else experienced this issue?  If so, did you determine a cause?  Anyone have any suggestions?





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