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    When does Pharos Admin update block booking info?

    brad Pioneer

      OK, so I've just been having to manually edit our database in order to resolve an issue caused by a bug in our version (8.2) of Uniprint, whereby a block booking can be made in Nerve Centre, but doesn't show up after the booking has been made, for it to be edited or deleted.


      So - I've modified the database to remove the block reservation, and the block reservation computers. However, as far as Nerve Centre is concerned, the booking is still there. I've logged out, restarted the browser, etc. but am unable to get it to refresh. I am assuming that restarting the Services would achieve what I am after, but that would result in booting all the people off that currently have active sessions - and that's not an option... so I'll be doing that early tomorrow morning when I come in prior to opening time.


      However, I would like to know if there's something ELSE I could do to get this working properly?


      (This is another of the reasons I'm looking at creating the Test environment, as per my other current thread)

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          Steven English Guide



          The issue you are seeing is due to a Microsoft bug with properly displaying and interacting with the block reservations when the strings are beyond a certain length.  Reconfiguring your server as instructed below will side-step the MS problem as the patch MS came out with did not resolve the issue beyond being able to see the block reservations whereas before the page would not draw the block reservations list at all (there is still no ability to edit).  The adjustment below will make interacting with the block reservations function normally again.  Since the issue is related to IIS and asp, it only needs to be done on the machine running/hosting the Nerve Center.  Issuing a change control should update the SignUp server with regard to the block reservations you have cleared, but that may not push back down to the clients.  You may need to recreate one and then clear it in order for the clients to realize that the reservation has been cleared as simply deleting it from the database tables does not inform the client of the change (hence the attempt to try to push the update out to the clients via change control).





          Workaround for Microsoft Bug Dealing With Block Reservations in the Nerve Center

          1. On the Nerve Center (SignUp) server, open Windows "Component Services" under START > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Component Services
          2. Expand Component Services > Computers > My Computer > COM+ Applications
          3. Open the Properties window for Pharos Uniprint
          4. Go to the Activation tab
          5. Change the Application Type to "Library Application"
          6. A warning appears, but it's safe to ignore (click OK)
          7. Restart IIS and "Pharos SignUp Server" service
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              brad Pioneer

              Steven - thanks for that!! Most helpful, and something we've been working around for (quite) some time, with the understanding it would only be fixed by an upgrade... very much appreciated


              Edit: on a side note, it was actually the Nerve Centre web-page which was not updating after the booking had been deleted from the database - was unable to create a new booking as the PCs were still flagged as having a booking already for that time - even though I'd removed both the booking, and the assignment of PCs to that booking, in the database. All good now though, thanks