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EDI Service Install Select for Authentication

Question asked by Cory Woolverton on Mar 17, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2014 by Steven English

We have Uniprint 8.3, we did not install the EDI Service when we first started as we did not need it. Now we are getting ready to start using it. We have a Server that is the Principle/database server. We then have 4 other servers that are running as the print servers. Are plan is to install the EDI Service on the Principle Server because it already has the web services running.


1) Is that an ok place to run the EDI Service on the Principle Server, Even though we have 4 print servers it is because of Organization not so much for size.


2) and the main question when I start the install on the Principle server one of the last questions is what server do we want to use for Authentication, it then presents me with a drop down list and all the Pharos Print Servers are listed. What has to be running on the Print Server for this, what is the Criteria i would use to pick which one to use, will it make a change to the print server when it installs, what is it going to be looking at on the print server?