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    Cost Center @ Popup vs. Cost Center @ Secure Release

    Timothy Grzeczka Pioneer

      Trying to get my head wrapped around this and see if I ever need to ask for Cost Centers at the Popup. Here's my workflow:


      - User sends a print job to a secure queue and is asked to pick a Cost Center via Popup. They then have to accept the cost of the job

      - User goes to a Secure Release device (all HP and Canon iMFPs) and logs in. At the device, they are again asked for a Cost Center. They then release their job(s).


      My question is which cost center are the released job(s) charged too; the one chosen at the Popup on the workstation or the one chosen at the iMFP? Most people will only have one cost center but I know I'll be asked about this.



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          Scott Olswold Guide



          If you use Popup to assign a cost center to a job, then that is the one maintained through the billing cycle, regardless of what was picked (or not; if the user chooses personal account) at terminal login. This serves the objective of being able to, say, copy against your personal (or other cost center) account while still releasing print for some other purpose.



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            Bill Kasper Guide

            Tim, Scott's (obviously ) correct.


            One advantage we've found of the Secure Release prints, beyond the security and lack of waste, is that users only have to enter their userid when they print, so the process doesn't take much longer than non-Pharos printing.  They like that.  Another is that they can stack up jobs on the server, then release them with one authentication at the iMFP/release station, which is also a time-saver.  It's even possible, if they know the titles of their jobs, to select multiple cost centers/grants at the iMFP/release station at the time of release; users can change account during the process.

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