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Cost Center @ Popup vs. Cost Center @ Secure Release

Question asked by Timothy Grzeczka on Mar 4, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2014 by Bill Kasper

Trying to get my head wrapped around this and see if I ever need to ask for Cost Centers at the Popup. Here's my workflow:


- User sends a print job to a secure queue and is asked to pick a Cost Center via Popup. They then have to accept the cost of the job

- User goes to a Secure Release device (all HP and Canon iMFPs) and logs in. At the device, they are again asked for a Cost Center. They then release their job(s).


My question is which cost center are the released job(s) charged too; the one chosen at the Popup on the workstation or the one chosen at the iMFP? Most people will only have one cost center but I know I'll be asked about this.