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Pharos SSL Certs: several questions

Question asked by andrew on Feb 25, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2014 by Chris Axtell

During the user conference we were shown how to create a CSR for an SSL cert to send to Pharos for our iMFP devices. As was pointed out at the time, it does not really matter how those fields are filled in, as these certs are essentially "internal", so as to encrypt the traffic between the iMFP and the EDI website.

But that made me question:

Is Pharos willing to generate these certs for any/all of us "on demand"? If so, what is the proper process?


If Pharos is willing to generate "signed" certs for us, are they signed by Pharos as the CA?


Can Pharos sign browser-based certs, such as for the web page for "HTTP-to-Print"?

I know anyone can be a CA, but would these certs be intrinsically trusted by most browsers?

If not, is this a service Pharos has considered offering, basically becoming an intermediate CA?


Thank you, that is all for now.