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Using a load balancer with Uniprint 8.4

Question asked by Ian Belton on Mar 10, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2014 by Steven English

We would like to use a load balancer (LB), Riverbed - Stingray, with Uniprint 8.4 that we have on campus. The advantage of putting multiple EDI servers behind the LB are: 1. If a servers fails then jobs are automatically redirected to the other servers. 2. When upgrades are needed then each server can be upgraded one at a time without interruption to service. 3. Under times when there is heavy load due to a high number of user requests the service is able to evenly distribute requests across load balanced servers. We have this nearly working...  When releasing a print job you sometimes see a 404 error on the release screen: Page not found.  Verify application is online.  If this does not fix the problem, call for service.  (HTTP 404). We have reported this to our support guys, but I wondered if anyone else had looked at LB.  We have looked at session persistance, which is enabled on the LB.  Also found the map/port diagrams for Uniprint that recently appeared on the discussion forums interesting too! Thanks IanB