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    Customizing banners and thin clients

    Vijay Serrao Adventurer

      Just curious if people have been able to customize the release stations adding the organization's logo and how you would go about doing that. Also, has anyone utilized a thin client setup for release stations like a WYSE/Dell device and if they have run into issues. The application in my assumption would be an app published on a Citrix infastructure. Thanks for the feedback.

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          Steven English Guide



          Have you already tried using the Pharos Station Color Utility in the start menu?





          P.S.  There are also registry keys that can be modified for custom verbiage that is not controlled in the Prompts section of the Pharos Administrator.  If all you are after is the image modification, it is also possible to overwrite the default images stored in C:\Program Files (x86)\Pharos\Bin\Images\Pharos VX3.  This allows you to simply copy the folder to each station you want modified.  Be aware that reinstallation will overwrite your customizations if you do it this way, but as long as you save a copy somewhere, you will be fine.  Also, I have never taken the time to determine the exact attributes of the .bmp files Pharos uses, but you may find that it is easier to simply open the .bmp file in paint, paste the desired and flattened image on top of the original, and then save/overwrite it.  This allows the .bmp file to retain the color bit depth and ppi information.  When the format is not what the Pharos Station likes or expects, my recollection is that it simply fails to display the image at all.

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