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    Exporting Employee Information

    Kevin Boutelle Wayfarer

      Is there a document/procedure that I can use to export employee information from Blueprint? I need all of the employee information that I have in the employee section (names, locations, card ID's, etc).

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          Scott Olswold Guide



          There is no inbuilt report within Blueprint to get you this information. However, a quick SQL query will get you where you need to go:


          USE psbprint


          SELECT    riv.FullName, riv.EmailAddress, riv.PhoneNumber, riv.Position, riv.EmployeeType,

                    riv.Manager, riv.DepartmentName, riv.DepartmentGroupName, riv.LocationGroupName,

                    riv.BuildingName, riv.FloorName, riv.RoomName, riv.Country, riv.State,

                    riv.City, riv.PostalCode, i.IdentifierData as CardID

          FROM      Identifiers i INNER JOIN RootIdentifiersView riv ON i.RootIdentifierId = riv.IdentifierId

          WHERE     i.IdentifierType = 2



          This query will support a "root" identifier of Employee or Network to provide some flexibility depending on how you've organized your Blueprint "Employee" view, and constrains it to return a result only when the Identifiers table showed the "card" type so that only one row per root record is returned (otherwise you can get up to three, since there are 3 IdentifierType values: 0 = Employee, 1 = Network, 2 = Card). Of course, this means that it will only return records that have a corresponding linked card ID.


          There is much within the RootIdentifiersView (in fact, all of the information you see in BP Admin > Employees > Employees; you just don't see the Identifiers tab info), so you can add to this query if needed. I hope that this helps.



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            Kevin Boutelle Wayfarer

            Fantastic! Thank you!