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    Educating Students on MobilePrint Availability

    Rachel Deaton Navigator

      Good afternoon,


      We had a couple of questions at our Pharos User Conference around educating students on campus to the availability of the new MobilePrint feature. There was a lot of discussion about word of mouth, and I know that this is a proven method, but I am interested to hear what other things Lab Managers are doing to get the word out. Any information you can offer would be great. Thank you!



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          Clayton Bollmann Adventurer

          Hi Rachel,

          Our Student Government Association has sent out a brief "MobilePrint" press release in their weekly email to all students.  We've also placed informational business cards in holders at all of our Secure Release Stations and at the Library circulation desks.


          I'm looking for more ideas as well!





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              Mark Robertson Ranger

              Hi!  We have informational video boards through out the Library.  I have added content to the general library boards and detailed information at the copy areas.  I also have used the business card approach.  I am working to get some student paper articles written also.


              We have the information available on the library website, and picked up an idea at the User's Conference, I am placing 'mystery' QR codes around the library to tempt the patrons into checking them out!


              Please share any ideas you may have also.  I'd love to have an entire thread devoted to marketing our systems to our patrons!





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              Kurt Albrecht Tracker

              We will be making our pitch to our orienteering students a bit more immediate this year.  We are installing a temporary iMFP across the hall from our card center so that the new cards get swiped and registered into the database within a couple of minutes of being minted.  We think this will greatly expand our "Exposure". 


              No data yet:  we start on Monday the 8th.



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                Mike Dorris Tracker

                I'm planning on having a couple of slides pertaining to it on the Omegas.

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                  Suzanne Gaynor Wayfarer

                  I announced and described at a Student Senate meeting, put posters up in the locations where public printing is available, and notified the student body via email. About a month after release, I added flyers to public printing locations that simply say "Have you printed from your phone yet?" with pointers to where they can get more info. Since IT also meets with all incoming students during welcome weekend, we will be able to do a brief demo there. I will also reach out to the student newspaper once classes start to see if they will run a story. I agree that marketing these systems is key. It would be great to hear more about how people accomplish this.