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Blueprint 5.0 Publish times - Report Data, Real time possible?

Question asked by Mike Welsh on Feb 19, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2014 by Scott Olswold

Good afternoon,


My customer is finally getting around to wanting to pull some of the data themselves. They are able to pull the data just fine, but noticed that if they print something, and then pull the data, it won't show up in the data they pull. I've tested this, by running reports within PBA, and have had the same experience. It seems to take several days to be able to view a report of a document that I have printed. I've tried the publish to Data Warehouse option, but this won't show me current data.


I've combed through the documentation and posts here, but cant seem to find any info regarding this delay. Is the normal behavior, or is there a way to hasten the process of data showing up in reports?


Thanks, in advance,