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    Blueprint 5.0 Publish times - Report Data, Real time possible?

    Mike Welsh Wayfarer

      Good afternoon,


      My customer is finally getting around to wanting to pull some of the data themselves. They are able to pull the data just fine, but noticed that if they print something, and then pull the data, it won't show up in the data they pull. I've tested this, by running reports within PBA, and have had the same experience. It seems to take several days to be able to view a report of a document that I have printed. I've tried the publish to Data Warehouse option, but this won't show me current data.


      I've combed through the documentation and posts here, but cant seem to find any info regarding this delay. Is the normal behavior, or is there a way to hasten the process of data showing up in reports?


      Thanks, in advance,


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          Scott Olswold Guide



          This is basically expected. Here's the typical flow:


          1. The Workstation Tracker receives the print job data (user, job name, pages, etc.) and writes it to a place on the hard disk.

          2. Once in a 24 hour period, it uploads all of the collected job data files to its Collector.

          3. The Collector uploads all collected job data files it has received at around 3:00 am to the Analyst.

          4. The Analyst imports all received job data files to the Operational database partition for the current period. This happens as soon as the entire Collector file set is received.

          5. The Analyst initiates a nightly publication from the Operational database partition to the Warehouse reporting database at midnight. The publication uploads all jobs whose timestamp is NOW through the previous 7 days.

          6. Data is now available for reporting.


          So this can take upwards of 48 hours or more to happen. You can help manage this to be faster by modifying:


          A. Tracker job upload time frames and enforcing thresholds (like, upload when you get to 10 stored job data files).

          B. The time the Collector uploads to the Analyst.

          C. The time the Analyst publishes data.


          You will probably not get "real time" reporting, but you can get very close to "what printed yesterday and prior."


          I hope this helps,


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