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SNMP Device Status check

Question asked by Wally Strzelec on Feb 17, 2014
Latest reply on May 2, 2014 by Steven English

I am using Uniprint 8.4


I am attempting to stop users from releasing their print job from a release station if the printer is jammed or the paper tray is out. I am using a Pharos Technote named "TechNote Checking Device Status.pdf" dated Nov 2012.


It says that the rules for determining online or offline state can be altered to allow for devices which respond differently from the standard expected results. An override file is installed with the Secure Release Service. This override file is an xml file and is installed into the system application data location: <applicationdata>\PharosSystems\AssetManagement\


A PharosSystems.AssetManagement.PrinterAvailabilityRules.xml file already existed and so I added a the following new rule to C:\Programdata\PharosSystems\AssetManagement\PharosSystems.AssetManagement.PrinterAvailabilityRules.xml


<rule><hrDeviceStatus>3</hrDeviceStatus><hrPrinterStatus>3</hrPrinterStatus><hrPrinterDetectedErrorState type="OR">0x0080</hrPrinterDetectedErrorState><Availability>OFFLINE</Availability></rule>


Which I believe to be that if the Device status is Warning (3), Printer Statis is Idle (3) and error state is that he input tray is missing (0x0080), report device as offline.


And restarted the Secure Release Service and the pharos administrator.


And when I run a state check, or print to the device, Pharos still see the device as online. Doing a network trace, the SNMP that is being queried is:


. . .


The SNMP that is being returned is:


. . .


So, do I have the rule messed up, in the wrong file, or is something not working right?