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    Embedded Pharos Printing

    Mbali Masango Wayfarer

      I would like to know what is needed if I wanted to get rid of the Omega boxes and have this embedded onto a device. We are using xerox MFD's at the moment with Omega PS150. What changes are needed on the client PC's to achieve this at the moment we are running Pharos 8.1 and we were planning to upgrade to 8.3 because of the Windows 8 support. The pharos notify and popup  8.1  and some are still on 6.1.


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          Nic Meadows Ranger

          It all depends which model of Xerox devices you have. Information on the latest Pharos iMFP solution for Xerox can be found here. If your devices are compatible you'll need to firstly buy some new licences for the Xerox iMFP software, then get the Omega(s) disconnected from the Xerox FDI and finally install and configure the Xerox iMFP client.

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            brad Pioneer

            Mbali, just to add to what Nic has said, and in response to your query - nothing needs to change on the client PCs in order to take the release stations from an Omega to iMFP - that's all done on the Release side of things and doesn't affect the desktops at all.


            However... I suspect that, from a support perspective, Pharos wouldn't be too happy trying to support machines with such an old version of the software on them - I'd strongly consider getting your PC clients up-to-date.

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                Mbali Masango Wayfarer

                Thank you for your contributions, it is very helpful. We need to plan this accordingly because we have 6000 odd users and if the 8.1 popup client works on Pharos 8.4 then we would like to leave the clients for now or we just plan an upgrade for all the clients to run 8.4 to also accommodate the users running on 6.1.