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    SNMP on Blueprint5.1 service pack

    Mark Royko Wayfarer

      I see that the new service pack for Blueprint will be checking SNMP status for print release,   Will i be able to set blueprint with our private SNMP string?

      We dont allow SNMP 'public' community at our organization which already caused a headache with site monitor, so we're at a full stop if i can't use secure release without changing the SNMP string.

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          Scott Olswold Guide



          Unfortunately, you cannot change the SNMP community path. However, per the documentation included with Service Pack 1.2, it is possible to bypass SNMP state check by renaming the AssetManagement folder (by default, located in C:\ProgramData\PharosSystems\SecureRelease).


          I have discussed the need to include a modifiable community specification (along with support for SNMP v3) within the Blueprint product with Product Management, who completely understands the need to include these options. Please stay tuned.