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    Jobs fail to release

    Lacy Turner Adventurer

      Several of our users are experiencing issues with jobs disappearing from the held queues. When our users submit multiple documents to a secure queue and attempt to release all of the documents at the release station by selecting "Print All" only the first job prints, all other jobs in the queue disappear. According to the transaction logs the jobs were deleted because the job purge time expired but that is not the case. Also, the time stamp of the deleted prints and the successful print are the same. Has anyone else experienced an issue like this?


      We are using Pharos Uniprint 8.3 (w/o Mobile)

      Our print groups are set to purge jobs after 2880 minutes.

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          John Siegel Guide

          Looks like a similar situation to the question: I'm wondering if there is a way to restrict the release station to only allow the release of one print at a time?

          Are you using PC's as release stations or the Omega units? Restricting the job release function may be your only option. See the info below. Mark Decker explains how to configure it.


          I'm wondering if there is a way to restrict the release station to only allow the release of one print at a time?


          I need this because we are having issues with our wide format printers when people release more then two jobs at a time (eg: select more than one job with the shift key).


          Basically, the release station allows them to select multiple jobs and release them .... for some reason only the first (sometimes and second) jobs are the only ones that make it to the printer after releasing multiple jobs in this manner.


          We suspect it might have something to do with the interaction between Pharos and our RIP, but until we can get to the bottom of the problem, Im hoping disabling the ability to release multiple jobs at a time will be stop-gap solution.


          Mark Decker
          Correct Answerby Mark Decker on Apr 18, 2013 8:40 AM


          On the Release Station that you want to disallow multiple job select, open the registry editor and navigate to:


          HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Pharos\Station (may be slightly different on a 64 bit OS)


          Find (or add) the following value:


          MultiSelectJob  (it is a REG_DWORD value)


          Set it to 0 (zero). Here is a description of what it does (from the Pharos Help):


          Allows users to select multiple jobs at the Pharos Station and print them all (this is the default behavior). When this option is disabled (i.e. set to 0), a user has to click on each job and print them individually.

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            Warren Griffiths Wayfarer

            We had a vaguely similar issue on our Fuji Xerox printers. A customer would go to release a print job (usually something fairly large) and nothing would print out. We found that the cause of this issue lay in the memory settings of the actual physical printer. They had changed to "Spool to memory" when they should have been "Spool to hard disk". Fuji Xerox tell us that a power spike to the printer can result in these settings reverting back to "Spool to memory". I'm not 100% sure this would apply in your case but it might be worth investigating.