Updating drivers for Pharos MPS

Discussion created by brad on Dec 4, 2013

Mark Oliver asked in another thread about updating a print driver on his system. WHilst not having had to do this myself as yet, I believe that the process would be something along the lines of (Based on our Signup version of 8.2):


  • Install the updated print driver in Windows ( - link to instructions for doing this on Server 2008)
  • In Pharos Admin, go to Packages > Package Definitions
  • For testing, I would recommend creating an additional "Test" package (or if you're confident, can update a current one). To do this, click "Insert" over on the right hand pane.
  • Add in the appropriate info in the window that pops up, and hit OK.
  • Select the print package you've just created, then in the bottom pane, associate it with the queue of the printer you're wanting to update
  • In the right pane, click "Build Package"
  • Pharos then goes off and checks the integrity of the packages that are in the system.
  • Once that's complete, you're ready to click "Start" which will go off and create the package for you


You should see something similar to :

Building module: drv_PCL6 Driver for Universal Print_for_W2K.exe...  ver: 8.2.6005.0 No change. Complete.

Building module: drv_PCL6 Driver for Universal Print_for_x64.exe...  ver: 8.2.6005.0 No change. Complete.

Building package: Test_for_W2K.exe...  ver:8.2.6005.0 Complete.

Building package: Test_for_x64.exe...  ver:8.2.6005.0 Complete.

Building package: Test_for_Lte.exe...  ver:8.2.6005.126 Complete.


in the results, although I suspect the first couple of lines above will be different for you, as the driver will be different (the builder grabs the driver from Windows, which is why it needs to be installed there first) and it should say that it's been updated or something along those lines.


With any luck this'll be of use to you and help resolve your issue (provided it's not user error, as suggested in the other thread).


(Note, as mentioned above, this is going from my own understanding of how the system works, as opposed to direct experience. If anyone has better knowledge of this and can correct me on something, please post it and I'll modify my instructions accordingly)