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    Users showing up as unknown

    Vijay Serrao Adventurer

      Something we noticed this morning when we were running the reports was the fact that there is a discrepancy in the numbers. What we are seeing is a substantial amount of users grouped together as part of users not in a group. Question is when I try to look at transactions it shows several entries with unknown users that have completed transactions. Any ideas if this has something to do with account sync and is there a way to look up information or generate a report for the users not in a group. Thanks.

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          brad Pioneer

          Vijay - do you do any sort of user cleanup process at all? Wondering if perhaps the users that are showing up as unknown may have been "cleaned" out of the system before you ran your report?


          As for reporting on users not in a group - easy enough to do from Pharos Admin - go to Users > Accounts, and filter by group "(Blanks)". That'll give you a list of your users with no group.