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    DBServer.exe causing 100% cpu utilization

    Jon Werner Adventurer

      DBServer.exe is constantly using 25%+ of CPU which is causing server response issues.  This started Friday (11/29) and has continued to today (12/1).


      Has anyone else experienced this problem?

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          Francois Grenier Adventurer

          Hi Jon,


          We experienced this a little after upgrading to Uniprint 8.3.  My understanding is that there can be many different explanations, but in our case, we (with the help of Pharos Support) identified that it was caused by handful of devices (Xerox PSX devices) that did not have any copy station configured.  Those copy stations were then repeatedly sending copy transactions to the DB Server.  After identifying and correcting the devices, CPU usage went back to normal.


          An error was logged in the Windows Application log and the Pharos application log helped us identify the problem.


          Hope this helps!



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            Scott Olswold Guide



            Logging why within the DBServer helps tremendously. You use the Pharos LogSetter tool to enable logging. Once the DBServer log is in hand, it is very easy to pick out what is causing the issue. You may even find your target by engaging the SQL Profiler tool on the SQL Server hosting the Pharos database.


            If you need more help, you can definitely open a ticket with Pharos Technical Support (support@pharos.com) and somebody will be able to help you make sense of it all.



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              Jon Werner Adventurer

              We upgraded all of our Print servers to revision 423 last night and this morning the CPU usage issue seems to be resolved.  I don’t know if the 423
              installation corrected it or if rebooting all of our servers corrected it but the issue seems to be resolved.  CPU usage is now in the 0 – 10% range
              with momentary spikes in the 20-70% range.  I will be watching CPU usage to see if the problem occurs again.