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    Setting "Function Access" policies on iMFP/PS60/PS200 Terminals

    Nader Amer Wayfarer


      I noticed when pushing iMFP to HP devices that you can select whether to "include Policy support" or not. I haven't seen any similar option with other brands.


      I have an opportunity for Blueprint in a mixed fleet environment where I have HP, Konica, Ricoh, PS60 & PS200 Terminals & I am wondering if I will be able to set policies that will restrict access to certain functions (Copy, Scan, Fax...) on all the devices with different terminals or such option will only be available for HP devices?


      Appreciate your help.


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          Scott Olswold Guide



          The following terminal types will support Blueprint Policy:


          • Pharos iMFP for Canon v2.6 and v3.1
          • Pharos iMFP for Ricoh v1.4 and 1.5
          • Pharos iMFP for Hewlett-Packard v2.9 and 4.2


          Each will support Deny Copy and Deny Color Copy. Further, each individual iMFP terminal will support:


          • Canon: Show Policy, Warn Copy and Warn Color Copy
          • Ricoh: Deny Fax, Deny Scan
          • HP: Deny Simplex Copy, Deny Fax, Deny Scan


          Currently, no other terminal type supports Blueprint Policy. I hope that this helps.