Enhancement?? Pharos Admin - ability to filter Transactions by Computer

Discussion created by brad on Oct 27, 2013

Hi guys, not sure if this one's in 8.4 or not, as we've not yet had opportunity to upgrade (still on 8.2), but it's something I come across on a semi-regular basis, and which should be pretty easy to implement, and will (if it isn't already) save us Admins quite a bit of time.


Within the Transactions section of Pharos Admin, under System, there are a number of fields that you can use for sorting and filtering. You can filter by Type, to get all of the "Computer" transactions - but no way of filtering by the actual Computer used, other than going through the transactions one at a time to look at the field in question. The only other way we're able to do this (on our version, at least), is by interrogating the database directly via SQL (much preferable to the first option, but still not ideal).


Unfortunately, not all of our support staff are SQL-friendly/capable, nor are the Library staff that have access to Pharos Admin that might want to see what happened on a particular PC, either.


Is there any chance we can have (if we don't already, in the newer versions) the ability to filter by additional fields? The utopian resolution would be for ANY of the fields showing in a transaction record to be able to be displayed/sorted/filtered (we already have the ability to select columns - but the list of columns we have to select from is rather limited).


On a side note, I am in the process of fighting to get a Test environment set up here so I can start planning for the upgrade to 8.4 - so all of the above MAY be a moot point. If that's the case, I'm happy to go back and sit in my corner and continue my Test environment planning with the happy knowledge that I'll be needing to delve into the database less often once we've finally caught back up.