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    Device model data(base)

    Kevin Boutelle Wayfarer

      I am looking for where I can get device model data for printers. I am guessing at the costing details when updating information for new printers that have been discovered. What I'm hoping to find is either a resource on-line that I can use to get this info or even better, a model data file to import into Blueprint.


      Would upgrading to v 5 update this data?


      I'm using:


      Pharos System Blueprint Administrator

      Version: 4.2.5586.0


      Thanks in advance!

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          Scott Olswold Guide



          There is a Lyra update available for Blueprint 4.2, but it was published in 2011. To get more recent devices, you would need to upgrade to Blueprint 5.1. However, while it includes newer models, we shifted from using the Lyra cost data (which is often based on MSRP and does not reflect what most organizations receive as contracted pricing) to using a blended cost structure (cost models by make/manufacturer can still be designed), and so we no longer maintain device cost information for Blueprint.



          Scott Olswold

          Pharos Systems