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    Offline Billing and 8.3

    David Marcinkowski Scout


      Our Cbord server is experiencing technical issues ..... we have offline billing configured for such occasions, and historically it has worked perfectly .... but in July we upgraded to 8.3 and this is the first test of Offline Billing in 8.3 for us and it is not working.  It seems to work with users who have the administrative role, but other roles do not get offline billing amount.


      My working theory is there is some thing in the permissions that needs to be set so normal users can use offline billing....


      Anyone have any ideas?


      Many thanks




      David Marcinkowski

      Associate Director of Computing Services

      Pratt Institute - Manhattan Campus

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          Daniel Johns Tracker



          There aren't any special permissions for offline billing.  The permissions in the "Permissions" context of Pharos Administrator affect only the ability to log on to, and do things within, Pharos Administrator and Pharos Remote.  The "Access Time" property of a device is also effectively permission for User Groups, but it makes no distinction between online and offline billing.


          However, there is one thing that affects the ability to use offline billing on a per-user basis:a user account setting called "External Billing Offline Limit", in Pharos Administrator -> Users -> Accounts -> Billing.  It seems a bit unlikely that this would prevent offline billing when it didn't previously, but perhaps somebody might have done something that set this to zero for all non-Administrator user accounts.  It's a bit of a long shot, but you might like to check the settings here just in case.


          Regards, Daniel Johns.

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            Steven English Guide

            David, Did you ever find out the source of the issue?  Is it possible that the administrative accounts were set to arrears billing and the students were not?  Also, did you set the offline limit value for accounts in the Pharos Database? This feature allows you to assign different offline limits to individual accounts, but it also defaults to zero and that may have been the issue (the students not having a limit higher than zero set).  Another possibility is that the administrators may actually not exist in the database - which means they inherit the card offline limit (if I recall correctly) whereas accounts that exist in the db get their offline limit from the value assigned to the individual account. Regards, Steven