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Ricoh MP C4502 iMFP - caveats?

Question asked by mricharf on Oct 7, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2013 by mricharf

Hello all,


We're finishing off the remainder of our 8.3 upgrade, and I've run into some issues with the Ricoh MP C4502 iMFP. (Support ticket has been open for awhile now)


I've done several installations of Ricoh iMFP 1.4.9 to our Ricoh 2851 and 3351s without a hitch.


On the C4502s, after installation of iMFP and the card reader (and all the power-cycles required), the card reader is not recognized by default. When I enable Pharos syslog on the machines, there are entries showing that the device is searching for a card reader, but not detecting one. The onboard Pharos diagnostics show an external authentication module is not present, and the MFP is unable to read cards.


Strangely enough, if I turn on USB and Keyboard authentication on the release station, tap the touchscreen to login and swipe a card, the card number is entered into the username field and the machine operates as expected.


I've been going back and forth with Pharos, Ricoh and my local Ricoh vendor to no avail. Has anyone seen this before?




Mike Richardson

Sr. Technical Assistant

George Mason University Print Services