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MobilePrint 1.3.1, IMAP Timeout exceeded

Question asked by Gene Mayro on Sep 22, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2013 by Gene Mayro

Hi Everyone,


We just rolled out MobilePrint 1.3.1 to our students after a couple months of internal testing, and have noticed an issue where e-mailed print jobs at times don't get processed.


Pharos support saw in the workflow log IMAP Timeout exceeded errors. Below is an example of the error:


[2013/08/17 05:26:40 P6EC T023 e MobilePrint.Service.Workflow.exe:EmailIndexer] The mail indexer task has faulted. This usually occurs when the mail server closes an existing connection from the Workflow Service. This task will now be restarted.

Exception: Timeout exceeded.


Has anyone else encountered this?


Our e-mail is hosted on Gmail.


The symptoms are that e-mail sent to the MobilePrint address appears to be read by the system, but never gets processed. We can be logged into Gmail and see the message go from read to unread. Looking through the logs, this IMAP timeout has been going on since we installed MobilePrint, but we never noticed because it never occurred during our testing.


A couple days ago, we had an extended timeout period (45 minutes, based on the logs) that didn't clear until we restarted the MobilePrint services. When we restarted the MobilePrint services, e-mailed jobs began to process again within about 5 minutes, and users who e-mailed jobs that had not been processed received a message saying that their jobs were canceled because the server was unavailable. We found that we can move those jobs back to the Inbox, mark them as Unread, and they will be processed.


We're working with our Network Services group, and we also have tickets opened with Pharos and Google. I just wanted to check with the group to see if anyone had seen this before.



- Gene