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Pharos 8.1 overcharging by 1 page

Question asked by daholtmann on Aug 29, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2013 by daholtmann

We're running Pharos Uniprint 8.1. We have 2 print queues, a color one, and one that is black and white only.  While printing from the popup client is fine, printing from our computer lab machines directly to the B&W queue on the Pharos Server results in an overcharge by 1 page.  That is to say, a 1 page job shows up in the Pharos administrator as a 2 page job, on 1 sheet. A 2 page job, shows up as a 3 page job on 2 sheets. The problem doesn't occur on the color queue. Banner pages are disabled on the printer objects on both queues and I can't find anything in the job cost method that might cause this. We updated our print server to 8.1 revision 116, but this had no effect.  Has anyone out there seen anything like this before?