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    How best to manage students vs Faculty/Staff groups

    David Dudding Wayfarer

      We are looking at how best to manage the differences between our student and faculty/staff groups within Pharos.  Faculty/staff are not directly charged,students are.  We know scripting could handle this, but that could get complicated with other criteria weighing in. 

      We are wondering if anyone has done this using separate print servers configured for different banks and Plug-ins. This would seem to simplify the scripting requirements by minimizing a lot of conditional code, besides the fact that we do not have much in-house expertise with Pharos scripting language.

      Thanks in advance for any help or comments.

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          Scott Olswold Guide

          How you do this really depends on how you charge your students. Are they debiting a system like Blackboard or CBord Odyssey? Groups are the first step in separating the two sets of users. I think that different print servers muddies the water and increases both your administrative effort and IT exposure unnecessarily.

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            Katherine Baynton Ranger

            Further to Scott's comment, Uniprint has a concept of User-based charging out-of-the-box.  You can define costs based on the User Group to which the individual belongs. By having users in different User Groups, they can print to the same print queues and be charged (or not charged) without any customization.  You merely configure the different costs per group.  Where you do not wish to charge staff, simply assign a zero charge.

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                David Dudding Wayfarer

                I realize this is somewhat old, but I wanted to comment further on this.  The real problem is that Pharos user groups are one dimensional and rather limiting - a user can only be in one group.  If I want to manage permissions on a subset of Faculty/staff, I need to create a separate group and remove them from the Faculty/staff group. Now I need to manage permissions on two groups for all faculty/staff. Add other exceptions into the mix, and you end up with an unmanageable number of groups. At some point this becomes as cumbersome as managing individual users.


                Are there any plans on enhancing Pharos to allow users to be members of multiple groups, similar to how active directory does it?


                Again, I appreciate any feedback, especially if I am missing something regarding managing our environment.