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    SignUp - Map AD groups to Pharos user groups

    Gerald Rezes Tracker

      Is there a way using the ADLDAP contector plugin for Pharos to map an AD group membership to a Pharos group so that users can be assigned different login groups in SignUp?  For example, I want all students to be given 8 hours of computer time but I want all volunteers to be assign a Pharos group that only allows for 4 hours.




      -Gerald Rezes, Library Systems Administrator

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          Zach Pavelka Wayfarer

          I'm not at all familiar with SignUp but I do know Uniprint like the back of my hand and I may be able to help.


          As for assigning users to the correct Pharos groups.... The only way I can imagine doing this is to create your own plugin. I'd recommend in C#.


          When we first started "using" AD with our Pharos system, I basically made a pharos logon script that passed the users creds to the ADLDAP plugin (for success or failure) then checked the pharos database for an account matching the username.  If one existed then it did nothing more.  If there was not an account, I made one with an empty password and assigned it to a group I called "student" etc.


          I did this for all accounts and manually moved users into specific roles and groups ("admin", "lab aide") if I needed to.


          For the auto grouping and placing users in the correct pharos groups depending on AD, I will need to write a program.  I am going to do this very soon.  I will add to my login script to call the additional plugin (mine) and ask if the username is in the AD group "PharosAdministrators" or "PharosProctors" and assign the users accordingly.  If the user is not in either group I'll assume it's a student and assign them to the "student" group.


          I hope this helps point you in the right direction.  You may contact me for more detailed information if you like.


          Good luck!

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            Richard Post Guide

            You might be able to accomplish this with the built-in features of Uniprint/SignUp.  When you do a Batch Load Users (UserLoad.exe) and choose a Domain Group, users are added to Uniprint into a group equal to the name of the domain group.  Usually, sites add all users together in one big action by using Domain Users.  You can accomplish adding users into Uniprint with the Group name "Students", "Employees", and "IT Admins" by creating groups in AD that match these and then run the Batch Load User action or the UserLoad.exe with the Domain Groups option.


            Let us know what worked for you once you get it all settled.  If you have trouble with anything Pharos related, please continue to use these forums and Pharos Support.