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Default Color Options

Question asked by Alex Schumacher on Jul 19, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2013 by Scott Olswold

We've been using Pharos for a while now, and something that recently has come up is if it's possible to set the default option when printing to Black and White instead of Color for color printers. We don't have too many of them, which is why it hasn't come up earlier, but we want to implement this now, if possible. This seems to be a driver issue to me rather than a Pharos setting, so I was wondering what other people have done in this regard. We are a mixed shop, Mac and PC, using Uniprint 8.2 right now.


From what I can tell, on PC you're supposed to be able to set the option on the Pharos print server, then when you build the package installer, it will bundle those settings in so that it will be default. I haven't gotten this to work yet, however. For Mac, it seems even more complicated, as the default color settings are either a user option, or must be handled by CUPS, or in the PPD file when installed. However, the model of print device we're using doesn't have the color option in the CUPS settings, and I can only figure out how to completely disable color in the PPD file, which isn't really an option.


I also know that there's the Uniprint Global Setting, which gives an alert whenever someone prints color, but we don't want that to be a global setting, but managed by print device or print queue. Also, it doesn't change the setting to default to BW, just alerts when color is used.


Thanks for any help!