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    iMFP and HP ePrint


      We are currently looking at mobile public printing options for students.  In looking at our latest printer that came in with HP's ePrint, got me to thinking if we were to set up ePrint on a pharos supported iMFP, would we be able to charge print jobs from mobile phones using the ePrint app or is ePrint not tied into Pharos at this point.

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          Richard Post Guide

          Pharos does have a connector for HP's ePrint, but it is the Enterprise version.  If you already have the ePrint Enterprise solution, you can plug this right into Pharos Uniprint.   If you are not interested in HP's ePrint Enterprise, Pharos can still help.   Pharos MobilePrint plugs into Pharos Uniprint seamlessly and can provide mobile and public printing for students as well as employees.  The same Secure Release Here technology that allows you to print from anywhere to anywhere is available with accounting, tracking, and/or charging through the Uniprint system or linked to a campus card system.   Simple and smart for your environment.