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    Process for determining wait times


      Can anyone explain the process by which the signup service determines how long the next patron in the wait que has to wait before a pc is available?

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          Daniel Johns Tracker

          The SignUp Server actually uses quite a complicated process to estimate when PCs will become available and Queued reservations will be able to start.


          In general, the server uses its recent experience to estimate how long patrons are likely to spend on their current and upcoming sessions.  The estimate is based on how long it will take for a particular position in the queue to be reached if each current and future session lasts for what has been the average actual duration for recent sessions.  The calculation of these estimates can be adjusted by changing the "Minimum Sample Duration Percentage" registry value: the higher the value, the longer the estimated waiting times will tend to be; with a value of 100, estimates are made on the assumption that everybody will continue using the PCs until their reservations run out.


          I hope that this is helpful.