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    Remove Old Stations From SignUp

    Timothy Grzeczka Pioneer

      I've got a few stations in SignUp that are no longer in use. I've disabled them but I want to get them out of the system. I know you have to archive out the entries before you can removed an item and I've done that a few times. I still get this error:


      "You cannot delete this data. The data is referred to elsewhere (Computer Transactions)".


      Any ideas?

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          Daniel Johns Tracker

          I'm a little confused by your wording, but I think I might know what is happening here.  I assume that by "stations" you mean the computers on which the SignUp Client is (or used to be) installed, which are listed in Pharos Administrator in the context named "Computers" in the tree on the left.


          Your statement that "you have to archive out the entries BEFORE you can removed an item" (emphasis added) suggests to me that you are first using the "Archive" action to copy the entries to a file and then, once that has been completed, using the "Delete" action in an attempt to remove the entries.  If that is what you are doing, then I would expect you to get the error you quoted, since the transactions involving the computers are still in the system and their presence requires the computers to remain.  What you need to do it to tick the "Remove records from the database" check box within the dialog box that appears when you click "Archive"; then the archiving process will remove the computers together with the transactions relating to use of those computers, and the error should not occur.  If this if already what you were doing then I apologize for misunderstanding you.

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              brad Pioneer

              Daniel Johns this one's showing up as Assumed Answered - but if the problem Timothy is having is the same as mine (which appears to be the case), then it's not


              In my below post, I've outlined the process I've tried using, which aligns with what you say here... but it doesn't work for us. It has in the past, but not with these machines - may be that there are simply too many log entries for it to handle successfully. Not sure. I'm still using the workaround of editing the Pharos database directly to remove the log entries - but it makes me rather nervous doing so. I'd MUCH rather being able to do it gracefully via the GUI, as it's meant to be done.


              Any suggestions on what could be causing this - or better still, what we could do to get it working, please?

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              brad Pioneer

              Hi TImothy,


              I actually have a support request in with our support agent about exactly this issue. We're in the process at present of rolling out replacements of our public access PCs in our libraries (getting close to 400 machines), and obviously we need to remove the old ones as we go in order to keep under our signup license limit (and, of course, to keep things tidy).


              However, when trying to archive them (using the same process Daniel mentions above), we still get the error you mention. This happens whether we try it on 30 PCs at a time, or 1 on its' own.


              As a short-term workaround, I've had to develop a process in SQL for tracking down the relevant entries in the Computer Transactions table, and removing them manually - certainly not something I want to do as a long-term solution, because firstly it's a pain to do, and secondly, I don't like "playing" directly in the database...




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                brad Pioneer

                Just wanted to report back that I've just had it officially confirmed that there's a bug when trying to archive machines which have over 500 records attached to them (which, in our case, is pretty much ALL of our machines) - have not had it confirmed as yet, whether or not newer versions of SignUp also have this issue (we're currently on 8.2.6005.202). A quote from our support vendor:


                "Pharos has no intention to immediately look at resolving this issue as they need to investigate whether this bug is on the 8.3 release as well, although a hotfix may be released later to address this."


                I'll try to remember to post back here if/when I get any further updates on this one.

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                    brad Pioneer

                    Sorry - just realised I'd missed off one part of the info we got back on this - subsequent attempts to archive will eventually end up successfully archiving the machine(s). Apparently, it archives the first 500 transactions before it falls over... so multiple attempts will eventually get the desired effect...

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                        Steven English Guide

                        This was a bug (that should no longer exist) back in 8.1 or 8.2 if I recall.  Older versions of the Administrator managed the archival process so that when an object being archived had 12,000 transactions associated, the Administrator would do the math and identify that it needed to call the stored procedure 24 times to get all 12k records (500 at a time).  This gave you a relatively accurate progress bar and returned control to the Administrator after every 500 transactions in the event that you hit the cancel button to abort further removal of records.


                        Somewhere along the line, a new version of the Admin came out and this managed removal process was overlooked, omitted, or bugged, and it would only call the stored procedure once. As such, YOU would have to click the archive button and follow that process 24 times before the object would be able to be purged.  This has since been fixed, so if you are seeing it in a modern version, please comment and include your version number.


                        Personally, when I encountered this problem, I went in and edited the stored procedure to remove the 500 limit, and then put it back when I was through archiving.  This is not recommended or supported by Pharos though, of course.




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                            Nic Meadows Ranger

                            "I went in and edited the stored procedure to remove the 500 limit, and then put it back when I was through archiving.  This is not recommended or supported by Pharos though, of course."


                            ^ This is the best and quickest way to archive the transactions if you come across the 500 record limit.

                            Steven, we appear to think along the same lines