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    Larger Fonts for Description Text

    Gerald Rezes Tracker

      Is there a way to have bigger text in the SignUp description startup notice?


      We use Startup Notices' Description text to notify students the conditions of use.  The students do not read these.  Is there a way to increase the font size of the description text or use a Rich Text Format?  If there is not a way to currently accomplish this in Pharos Admin. 8.2, can this feature be considered for a future enhancement?

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          Richard Post Guide

          Thank you for this feedback and request.  From within the product, there is no way to modify the font type or size.  We will take that under consideration for future releases, however I can't make any promises.


          You may be able to change how it looks by modifying the OS settings for theme, fonts, and accessibility.  Let us know if this helps, and thanks again for your posting.