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    userload.exe logging

    David Jewett Wayfarer

      I'm in the process of migrating my current Uniprint 8.1 server to Uniprint 8.3.  On the 8.1 server I have a script which automates the user load process.  On 8.1 I could specify a log file as part of the command line (the --logfile option), however it seems the userload logging functionality has now been integrated into the Pharos Logging Service via the logsetter tool.  While this does produce useful logging info, I would prefer to generate a separate log file for each run of userload.exe, rather than the concatenated logfile currently generated.   Is there a way to do that?

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          Katherine Baynton Ranger

          With the new logging you can force the logging service to start a fresh set of log files (including for the userload output).  To do this:

          1. Run the Logsetter Tool (from the Start > Programs menu).
          2. Click the 'Roll over log files' button.  This will cause the current set of log files to be zipped together and a new set of logs will be created.
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            Daniel Johns Tracker

            The 8.3 userload.exe does not support creating a separate log file for each run.  However, assuming you still have your install media for Uniprint 8.1, it would be possible to run a copy of the 8.1 userload.exe to generate such log files (unless you're relying on any new features of the user loader introduced since 8.1).  When I tried using the 8.1 userload.exe from the command line to add users to an 8.3 system from a domain controller, it worked.


            There are several downsides to this approach.  The 8.1 loader does not handle non-ASCII characters in its input as well as the 8.3 loader does.  The technical details of the batch loader descirbed in the 8.3 Help are different from the 8.1 batch loader in some subtle ways, and keeping a copy of the 8.1 Help at hand could be a nuisance.  There seem to be some technical problems that occur if the 8.3 Administrator launches the 8.1 userload.exe, so you'd want it at a separate location.  There is also the risk that some future version will break backward-compatibility with the 8.1 userload.exe, and there almost certainly won't be any warning when that happens.  For all of these reasons, I suggest you prefer the solution offered by Katherine Baynton unless you have strong reasons for considering it unsuitable for your purposes.

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                David Jewett Wayfarer



                Thanks for your input.  I considered using the 8.1 userload.exe but had similar concerns about compatibility.  Alas, I really would like a way to automate userload logging without having to manually roll over the log files, as I could do with 8.1.  I would prefer to have individual log files for each run of userload for ease of archival, and to avoid having to enable logging for other services as well.