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Changing the number of PCs booked in a re-occuring block booking

Question asked by merryr on May 20, 2013
Latest reply on May 20, 2013 by Michael Liew

We use block bookings regularly to book a set of PCs for a class, but sometimes need to change the number of PCs required for that Booking.


For example - we have a regular re-occuring block booking for one hour on 10 PCs every Wednesday afternoon.  Sometimes only 6 or 7 students turn up for the class.  This means we have 3 or 4 PCs that have the block booking on them, and are not accessible by our general customers.  We can't delete the block booking for that day, as this removes the booking from all 10 PCs.


I am wondering if other users have this problem, and how they work around it?


This issue has also been posted in the Innovation Lab section of this site, so if you think it is a good area for enhancement please leave a comment in the Lab so that the developers will take note! Thanks!  Meredith