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    EDI SOAP Interface




      I noticed there is a lot of functionality presented to the EDI devices via the web service on the Uniprint server.


      http://<server FQDN>/PharosEdi/EdiService.asmx


      Has anyone interacted with this programmatically with success?  I would be interested in how we can leverage some of these features using PowerShell or Wfetch.




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          Nic Meadows Ranger

          Hi Doug,


          I've written many things over the years for the Pharos EDI, Pharos protect their intellectual property by making us sign NDAs to access the documnetation that'll you'll need to access the EDI API. It's not rocket sciene, but without it you'll struggle to get it working. The SOAP calls are standard but you do need to have a custom SOAP header handler. - probably said too much already!!


          Contact your reseller or Pharos direct and askk them about it.


          Best regards


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              Thanks for the tip Nic!  I reached out to Pharos support to see if they could help get me started.


              There is a decent amount of information on the EDI site itself, but I seem to be missing something with the samples as I can't get them to work.

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                  Paul Reddy Wayfarer

                  Hi Douglas,


                  I'm interested to hear about the types of activities and information you are interested in by interacting with the EDI?


                  In the past, we have kept the EDI quite close to our chest - partially because of IP, but also because its been difficult to use. There are some subtle concepts in there and 3rd party developers created quite a support load on the dev teams (not Nic of course - he's a Rocket Scientist :-).




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                      Hi Paul,


                      Looking at this for several reasons.


                      1) Creating synthetic monitors to check the state of our Uniprint instance


                      2) Create web based tools for our helpdesk, especially those not on a Windows platform


                      3) Automation through PowerShell

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                          David Marcinkowski Scout

                          Humm ... this is interesting.....Im wondering if the Pharos EDI API could help me develop something I have been brainstorming for a while.


                          We have "sepciality queues" which use very specialized papers (film, vellum, canvas, newsprint, adhesive vinyl, etc) .. we allow people to print to these any time, but will only load the paper between 10am to 4pm M-F .... if they print outside these times, they can release their print and pick it up the following day when the paper can be loaded.


                          My Print Center Manager has requested if I could custom program something that would send her a email when a job is released from one of these queues, so she is aware that she needs to load the appropriate paper.  Now she is just watching the queues, but that is not always effective and there have been instances where people have sent a job and were waiting becasue they did not tell anyone the job was on speciality paper.  If the Print Center Manager got some notification (we figure email would be best) when a job has been released from a speciality queue, it would help elliviate this problem.  Right now the job sits in our RIP server (post Uniprint) until it is manually released.


                          Do you think some custom SOAP EDI API programming could accomplish that?


                          If you have other ideas please share



                          David Marcinkowski
                          Associate Director of Computing Services
                          Manhattan Campus
                          Pratt Institute

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                              Nic Meadows Ranger

                              Hi Doug, The EDi is not the best tool to use for what you want to do. Your best bet would be a script on the print server PrintEndJob event that calls a command line email tool. The script would check to see if queue was your speciality queue and if the job was a success then it would send an email.


                              There are commandline email tools out there but it is also possible to roll your own. The last time I wrote code for email in .Net it was only about 50 lines of code...