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    Understanding Pharos Event Logs held on the device

    Arthur Carter Newbie

      Looking at the Pharos event logs on my printers e.g. HP 6030 - I see a table with lots of  strings of text which I find hard to understand.


      Wondered if the was a reporting tool which might analyse a Pharos event log and highlight the problem areas etc.


      Any advice gratefully recieved



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          Scott Olswold Guide



          Good morning and Happy New Year!


          The terminal logs are meant to provide Pharos Technical Support and Development a meaningful review of what has been happening on the terminal to support any error messages or conditions that may be present, and are not intended for end user consumption. If you are having an issue with a terminal and desire technical assistance, your first course of action should be to open a support incident, describe, the problem, and attach the terminal log so that we can help you resolve the problem as quickly as possible.


          Best regards,

          Scott Olswold
          Pharos Systems Technical Support

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