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    Plotter use with Pharos 8.3 system

    Mark Robertson Ranger

      I am looking for any input into plotters that are being used with the 8.3 system.  I am looking for a mid-level plotter that is customer-friendly and has walk-up ease.  I have put out some feelers for the OCE Colorwave 300 and the HP Designjet T2300 eMFP but haven't heard back on those yet.


      thanks for any feedback!

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          Paul Bento Wayfarer



          We have HP Plotters on our campus. Models T7100ps, Z3200ps and Z3100ps.


          HP plotters with network cards - have proven to be really simple to add to Pharos.


          Literally as easy as added a workgroup laser printer.


          The color quality is also very impressive!




          We also a couple of Epson Plotters. - However - we've found them to be very difficult to add them to our Pharos system.


          That being said - I highly recommend HP Plotters - if you wish to use plotters with Pharos.


          Thank you --- and hope this helps!


          - Paul

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              Nic Meadows Ranger

              We have used a number of different HP plotters with Pharos v7.x up to v8.3. As previously mentioned they are easy to add and charge correctly. We have also been succesful with the OCE plotters as well but have only done a few of them.


              Can't reiterate enough "Stay away from the Epson plotters", whilst Pharos partially supports the Epson Page description Language, it is not fully supported and just ended up causing problems resulting in the Epson plotters being replaced by HP ones.