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    Uniprint 8.x Silent Installer

    Alex Schumacher Wayfarer

      I have been unable to find if it's possible to create a client installer that can run silently, so we can push it out over the network to our employees (either through Active Directory or KACE K2000). I've found command line options for running the package creator, but not the actual client installer. What we want it to do is install Popup, install the printer driver, and setup the print queue, so that when it's done running, the client has everything they need to start using Pharos.



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          Anne Pender Wayfarer

          We have 8.1 still and I put together a batch file that installs silently for pushing out to our labs via SCCM.  The package created by Uniprint includes the driver and popup, and runs fine with a -quiet switch.  Then I use a reg file to set that queue as the default - check out HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows after you have installed it, whatever is in the Device value is what you need to set the default.  I load up the ntuser.dat from the default user profile and poke it in there too, because of how our labs work, but you may not need to bother with that if it's mostly single-user machines and will be run from the user's context.

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            David Marcinkowski Scout

            Hello Alex,


            I have managed to do this ….. but not in a traditional manner …..


            What I did was to make the install in two steps …..


            1. Step one, copy the package from a share over to the local computer
            2. Step two, using the silent install options, execute the package with a script


            Hope this helps


            David Marcinkowski
            Associate Director of Computing Services
            Manhattan Campus
            Pratt Institute

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                Vincent Thompson Newbie



                The client installer has built in command line functions that enable you to script the installation silently.  Just run the installer .exe file with -quiet as an option.  ###Printer_for_x64.exe -quiet   format should work for you. 


                Hope this helps.



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                  Jason Lee Adventurer

                  we are trying to do the same thing but use DesktopCentral instead of SCCM.


                  Do you happen to know why you have to copy locally.  I've tried via DC and manually using PSEXEC /s /e to see how it behaves as the SYSTEM account.  According to the ControllerLog file it gets all the way to CheckModule portion in both instances and errors out with:


                  1Error: Failed to initalize PsInst32 DLL


                  and quits.


                  We are moving to 8.4 from 8.1, a completely new server so we have to uninstall the old.  I've had to build an Uninstall script we can push which we've finally got to work (although its a pain in Win8 because of the print subsystem changes), but we're hung up here.  I'll add the method to copy, I just wish I understood the why (since it can be ran via the user remotely in non-quiet mode).

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                      Jason Lee Adventurer

                      Scratch that, just confirmed successfully copying locally either via script or directly or running from PSEXEC produces the same results.

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                        Jason Lee Adventurer

                        Cannot find out why, but we seem to get a failure on Win7 x64 (haven't moved on to other OS/Arch yet) with this PsInst32.dll which is in the %windir%\temp\Pharos folder...  part of the pharos package extraction.  Something has a hold of this file and folder as you cannot delete them.  Logging out and back in does not seem to close the process/thread.  Rebooting seems to.


                        Process Explorer (v16) doesn't seem to find any handle with either the PsInst32.dll or the folder.  However, rebooting, deleting the %windir%\temp\Pharos and re-running the package seems to resolve... so I guess I'll write that check and deletion attempt into the script.