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Inability to print in color using latest Universal Print Driver from Ricoh

Question asked by totaljk on Apr 22, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2016 by Nikolay Karetnikov

Hello everyone,


I was wondering if anyone has had any issues utilizing Ricoh's Universal Print Driver with BluePrint 5.0? We have the capability of utilizing the UPD to print in B&W - however, we are not able to print in Color on Color compatible Ricoh's. Looking at the UPD driver settings (both PCL6 and PS versions), I'm unable to locate any setting that would allow Color to be used automatically on compatible printers. Looking at the original driver settings for the printer, I can see where Color can be adjusted in both PCL6 / PS versions. We're running on Server 2008 R2 Standard by the way.


I can work around the Color issues with the UPD by utilizing individual drivers for each printer and securing them that way... however, that's not acceptable for this project as we want to limit the amount of queues on our print servers as much as possible. If anyone has any solutions, tips, or advice, I would be most greatful.


Here is the link to the drivers we have used so far - our Ricoh's are compatible with PCL6 and PS, but neithe driver provides Color printing for us. (