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    Charging For Odd Sized Paper


      Pharos charges extra for non-standard sized papers:

      We have a number of international students who sometimes print from their own laptops or files that they created on their own computers.  They will often have the paper size setting set to A4 or another non-standard size option by default.


      Pharos has a tendency to charge extra for these types of prints.  Today, someone with a 13 page Microsoft Word document was charged $1.00 per page (our standard is 5 cents) because the paper dimensions were set to 8.5" x 11.35".  Is there any way to force Pharos to charge the standard amount for any odd sized paper attempted?  We only keep letter size in the printers anyway.



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          Katherine Baynton Ranger

          Hi Karen,


          If all your devices only support letter size and only allow black and white printing, then you could go to the Job Cost Method used for charging and set the 'Default Cost' to $0.05 (I expect you will find it is currently $1.00).


          The default cost is assigned to any page that does not meet one of the sizing criteria already explicitly defined within your Job Cost Method.  If you only provide letter size paper in your devices and you only support black and white printing, then it would be acceptable to set the Default Cost to 5 cents as there is no chance of someone printing a large-sized page or an odd-sized color job and being charged a lesser amount for it (ie the 5 cent rate, as opposed to a more appropriate cost).


          However, if you have devices that can output a choice of paper size, or if you allow color printing - you could add into your Job Cost Method an extra entry for any paper size that users may submit jobs as (which your devices allow to print on letter) - eg Folio, A4, Legal, etc. You would then set each of these to the same 5 cent cost within the Job Cost Method for black and white printing and the appropriate cost for color printing.


          Changing the Default Cost, as described above, is the simpler method, but depends on the complexity of your setup.


          I hope this helps.

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              Dean Hayes Wayfarer

              The Job Cost Method is fairly east to set up once you work with it a bit. It seems to be pretty flexible, allowing you to charge various costs for almost every paper type, service type (staple, collate, etc). Like Katherine says, depending on what printing your devices allow, you can make adjustments accordingly.


              Let us know what you determine.

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                  Thanks to you both for your help with the job cost method.  As you can tell, I'm very new to Pharos.


                  So, I've been looking at the job cost methodology on our server, and I wonder if it could be set up more efficiently than it is.  Currently, the Default Job Cost Method is set to $0.00, so I am truly confused by the $1.00 per page the student was charged.  However, we were unable to duplicate this problem when printing from one of our lab computers so I suspect it had something to do with the way the student printed the document from their own computer and I probably wasn't given all the details.


                  I wonder if anyone can tell me how best to set up our job cost methodology.  We currently have two queues.  One is black and white and one is color.  Color jobs cost 50 cents per print, duplex or not ($1.00 for duplex).  Monochrome prints cost 5 cents per print, duplex or not.


                  Currently, we have only one job cost method set up (this pre-dates me so someone else set it up this way) for both queues.  It is set up by attribute costing with a default per page cost of 50 cents (hey! maybe that's where the $1.00 came from).  It is set up with a number of attribute costs (32), though I notice not for every paper size.  Each paper size that is selected, however, has the following attributes and costs:


                  Blank (the Attributes column has nothing in it for this field):
                  Color: $0.50
                  Color, Duplex: $0.50
                  Color, Duplex, ManualFeed: $0.50
                  Color, ManualFeed: $0.50
                  Duplex: $0.05
                  Duplex, ManualFeed: $0.05
                  ManualFeed: $0.05


                  Does this seem right to you?  We would only have one job cost method and it is used for both queues?  Or would you set this up differently?  If I were to add all the other paper sizes to this Job Cost Method and then make sure all the prices were the same as above, would this solve my problem?  I'm fearful of making changes without being absolutely sure of what I am doing because the system is live and I'd hate to implement the wrong pricing accidentally.



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                      Katherine Baynton Ranger

                      Yes, it is a valid setup to have one job cost method applied to both queues - though it could be set up differently too.


                      And yes - adding additional paper sizes is the way to reduce the likelihood of the problem happening again.


                      However, what is unnecessary in your current setup is to have the Duplex and ManualFeed attributes included, as the pricing is not different based on these attributes (the only reason to include any of the attributes, such as duplex, would be if you wanted to charge a different rate for jobs with those attributes - eg 4 cents for duplex pages and 5 cents for non-duplex pages). Your job cost method would be much less complex without these, and adding additional paper sizes would be a much quicker job without these unnecessary attributes.


                      The simplest thing would be to just remove the Duplex and ManualFeed attributes from your Job Cost Method before adding extra paper sizes (and I am confident this will have no ill effect). However I realise you are concerned about making changes that may affect charging, so if you are not comfortable with unchecking the Duplex and ManualFeed attributes from the existing attributes list, you could create a new Job Cost Method as described below that you could apply to the queues at a quiet time. You can then check you are happy with this before making the change available for normal operation. If you are unhappy with the results for any reason, you can switch back to the original Job Cost Method. (Note: to get any costing changes applied to the Queue, you need to issue a Change Control once you have configured those changes.)


                      For the new JCM, do the following:


                      Set the Default Per Page Cost to $0.50 as in the original.


                      Select each of the Paper Sizes included in the original Job Cost Method, and select the Color attribute. Don't include the Duplex and ManualFeed attributes.


                      You should now have a list that includes only two entries for each paper size: blank and Color. Set the costs as per the original JCM:


                      Blank $0.05 (Blank means - the charge for anything that is not explicitly also defined in the JCM, such as color, which you do have selected. This 5 cent cost will be charged for mono pages regardless of whether they are duplex or simplex - unless you select Duplex and add a different cost for that)


                      Color $0.50 (the charge for any color page of that paper size, regardless of simplex or duplex).


                      Now add in some extra paper sizes - eg ArchA is the closest I can find to the 8.5" x 11.35" that you mentioned. Perhaps also Folio, Statement, A5, etc. Assign the 5 cent and 50 cent costs for these in the same way as above.


                      At this point, all you have done is create a Job Cost Method simplified to the necessary attributes, and added in some extra paper sizes. (As mentioned above, you will need to assign this new JCM to the Queues and issue a Change Control to apply it.)


                      Let me know if you have any questions about this.

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                          Hi Katherine,


                          Thanks for this information.  I'm sorry for my delay in getting back to you, but I have been spending time setting up a test printer/release station so I can test out a different job cost method.  I'm still working on it so I'll have to update you on that later.


                          Your insight and suggestions are much appreciated!