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    Missing some Data error when using large format printers

    Jeff Gilbertson Wayfarer

      Hello - When trying to print on an Imac (Snow Leopard installed) with a large format printer (HP Designjet 5500PS Plotter)


      Pharos will give us an error:


      Print job failed:Missing some data (Pharos Station)


      This happens after the job and cost of the print job has been accepted and it is ready to print


      We are using the latest HP driver and Pharos package


      I was wondering if anyone has run into this before or if you have any suggestion?




        • Re: Missing some Data error when using large format printers
          Jeff Geller Guide

          Hi Jeff,


          This error is often seen when a "Direct Queue" is being used and the print job is originating from a client machine which does not provide a StationID for the balance/debit calls being made. I suspect you are using an external Billing Gateway and you most likely have a Billing Script in place where this would need to be configured.


          I would recommend contacting Pharos Support with any Billing Scripts in use on the system and a detailed description of the user workflow for a Direct Queue. I would also add where you are seeing this error, such as does it show up on the client or somewhere else.


          Pharos Technical Support
          Jeff Geller