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    Guest Kiosk ID Creation

    Mark Oliver Adventurer

      Greetings all - I am wondering if anyone has found a good 'solution' to the issue with creating ID's from a guest kiosk. As you already know, Pharos uses the timestamp from the server as part of the user's ID number. Which means that over time, with more and more users creating IDs, eventually you *can't* create an ID for periods of 4 or 5 minutes (because the IDs have already been created).


      Is there any way for the user to create their OWN ID, instead of using the default timestamp? For example, I want to walk up to the kiosk, push the "create an ID button", and have the machine prompt me to type in my own ID (and PIN)?


      Thanks very much in advance for any and all suggestions.


      Mark Oliver
      Manager of IT Support
      University of Rhode Island / Providence Campus
      Phone: 401-277-5258
      Email: opus@uri.edu

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          Richard Post Guide

          My apologies that you have not yet received a reply in this forum.  I just noticed your inquiry in a search I ran, as your question does not show up in the unanswered questions list.   Thank you for the feedback.  I will request that we make an improvement in the Kiosk software to address your issue completely.  In the meantime, you can make hundreds or even thousands of accounts available by changing the prefix of the user account (CSK by default).  I realize that this is only avoiding the issue, but it is a quick work-around that you should be able to apply to your environment and immediately get the results you are looking for.  Let us know if this helps.

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            nbartolotti@pharos.com Tracker

            Hi Mark,


            Have you considered purging old guest accounts from Pharos?




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              Richard Post Guide

              Guests can create their own User_IDs when you use a PC Station and allow guest user creation.  Many organizations prefer the Kiosk as there is no control of what username a person can enter when using a PC Station.


              A third way is to pre-populate User_IDs and print them out on a card and hand them out when guests request them.  They can use the Kiosk to add funds to the account and the organization has control over what User_ID names can be and no duplicates.


              Each of these has different Pros and Cons, so it is up to you to decide which one or ones work best in your environment.  It is often a balance of control and effort.  I hope all this has helped.

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