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Guest Kiosk ID Creation

Question asked by Mark Oliver on Apr 22, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2013 by Richard Post

Greetings all - I am wondering if anyone has found a good 'solution' to the issue with creating ID's from a guest kiosk. As you already know, Pharos uses the timestamp from the server as part of the user's ID number. Which means that over time, with more and more users creating IDs, eventually you *can't* create an ID for periods of 4 or 5 minutes (because the IDs have already been created).


Is there any way for the user to create their OWN ID, instead of using the default timestamp? For example, I want to walk up to the kiosk, push the "create an ID button", and have the machine prompt me to type in my own ID (and PIN)?


Thanks very much in advance for any and all suggestions.


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