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    Procedure for removing a server from Network


      I have 18 branch servers throughout my city. One of my branch locations have closed down. What is the correct procedure for removing the server and all services completely from the network. My thoughts at the moment is It cant just be deleted from the database. All suggestions welcomed.


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          I have just done this myself. I started by archiving all print and transaction records and removing printers and queues. Once all this data is archived, go to the dashboard and there is a link to "Remove Server". A dropdown will open and you can choose which server to remove. It will warn you that all data must be archived or it will fail. If all data has been archived, it will remove it, otherwise you will have to go back and find what data was not archived.


          FYI, if you haven't already, start an archive schedule. I just ran an archive on over a million records because the gem who managed this before me didn't. It took 3 days and countless GB's.


          Have Fun


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