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    Sign up logon prompts


      When customers try to logon to sign up service  with an expired ibrary card, they get the message"Charge Privileges denied"  Does anyone know what area I would go to edit this prompt to read a different message?

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          Nic Meadows Ranger

          There are eseentially 2 stages to the Signup logon process, the first is the Pharos logon handled by the logon event of the signup server, and then the LAN (standard domain logon) which is perfermed by the client to access the Windows
          resources. The error message is generated by either of these 2 logon failing. The message doesn't look like a standard domain login fail message, which means its the Signup server logon.


          You probably have a script or plugin on the bank that is used by the Signup server. Check the settings of the Signup server in Pharos Admin and find out which bank its using, then goto the bank in Pharos Admin and check the logon event. If there is a script you should be able to edit the PlugIn.Error message which is thrown for a failed logon to match what you want. If its a plugin (exe) then you'll need to contact whoever wrote it for you.




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