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Pharos popup window appearing twice on iMacs

Question asked by Jeff Gilbertson on Apr 22, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2013 by Peter Dills

We are having an issue with the Pharos popup window appearing before we press the print button. The issue is happening on our iMac systems. They have Snow Leopard installed. We are using version 8.1 of the Popup and Notify software. I tried uninstalling the printers and the Pharos software. Reinstalled them and the issue still occurs.


The issue is that when you go to select what printer you want to use in an application, the Pharos popup window appears before you even press the print button. An example is if you have Microsoft Word open, you click File and then
Print – the Pharos popup window appears even though you have not pressed on the Print button.


The popup also goes up when you go to the printer preferences and try to view the driver version.


Any help you can provide is appreciated.