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Print Station authentication using proximity card or username and password

Question asked by trb48 on Apr 19, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2013 by David Marcinkowski

We are currently testing Pharos to see how we are going to impliment it on our campus. We have setup our printers and our print queues. We have also setup a PC as a print station. We have been able to set up the print station to login two different ways. The first was with their username and password. After changing some settings we were able to get them to login using their student ID card (a proimity card). Both were simple to setup.


After the student prints their job we would like them to be able to login to the print station using their student ID card or their username and password. Is this possible?


We want to be able to accomodate the students who forget their card at home by allowing them to login using their username and password. Also, we like the ease of just tapping a proximity card to login.


The students are authenticating off of Active Directory. Any suggestions or insight would be appreciated.