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    Is it necessary to have separate queues for printing from Macs?

    Dean Hayes Wayfarer

      I have a customer who thinks having special queues just for Mac printing will solve all his Mac printing issues. I question that but defer to those with more experience that I. So, is it necessary, required, desired, etc to have separate queues for printing from Macs? The Macs in question are notebook-type belonging to his patrons (students). He says it has never worked to print from Macs to their Canon color iMFP devices.

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          Yadin Flammer Navigator

          As far as Unprint goes, no there is no reason for this, and I have run multiple servers for 6+ years where Mac and Windows of all flavors use a single set of queues.  If there is some issue with Canon printers (which I'm now seeing a couple posts here indicating there are) where the queue needs to be configured a special way to allow macs to print ok, but that then messes up Windows, then sure make two queues, and pester Canon to fix their drivers.

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            Edmund Greene Wayfarer

            It is not required or necessary.  I have as many Macs on campus as I have Windows computers these days and only one queue (in each area) to support them.  There is no issue printing from either.  We have Macs using the Mac popup applicaiton and printing directly to the queues using AD without any issues.  We do use only HP printers, though.

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              Mark Brown Newbie

              We are having the same issue with the Canon imageRunner iMFPs. There seems to be an issue with the Canon OSX UFR II drivers when printing via a Windows print server.


              On all our printers (mostly HPs and Dells) we use the same queue for Macs and PCs.


              We are in the process of obtaining a Canon PS or PCL license to test on the iMFP to see if this fixes the issue.

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                We've had thousands of Mac users printing to Canon imageRunner iMFP devices for years. As long as we use the canon postscript drivers, everything works just fine. We have one excception, the Canon c2880s. After the upgrade to Server 2008 on opur spoolers, Postscript drivers for the 2880s fail from Windows clients. We have a separate PCL queue for those folks, same server.

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                  Scott Copus Adventurer

                  If your Windows and Macs are using the same login authentication and authenticating to Uniprint with the same account, I can't think of a need to have a separate Mac print queue.


                  However, if your Macs are using some kind of generic login for some reason, you might want something special to happen on Mac-specific queues... like forcing some pre-defined popup questions... such as the username.


                  In my environment we started out with non-AD connected Macs which had a generic login and later logging into a separate LDAP server that had different account names than our Windows/AD system.  So that forced us to use a separate queue for Macs with popups asking for the proper Uniprint account usernames.  We now have our Windows and Macs both authenticating to AD so having popup questions is no longer needed.  However I still have separate queues for our Macs... just in case Apple (or whoever) releases an update that breaks some of our Mac population.  I at least have the OPTION to make our Macs behave differently from our Windows clients if the need arises.  And it's really not an issue because it's only one extra queue and isn't that much harder to manage.



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                    Scott Olswold Guide



                    I think you have enough on the "don't do this" front, but I will make three statements about driver selection:


                    1. The UFR driver from Canon has no business being on a server. This driver technology was developed for client-based use.
                    2. It's best not to "mix and match" page-description languages when using a client/server queue structure like we must do in Uniprint. In other words, if the server queue is created using a PCL 5 driver, the clients should be using that same language. I've seen "normal" (no third-party software) print environments with issues because a client used a PostScript 3 driver to spool a file for a hosted queuecreated by a PCL6 driver.
                    3. As best as you can, try to use a PPD-only option for the MacOS, particularly if you are attempting to create an automated package installer. Most manufacturers still provide a "For QuarkXPress" option on either their website or the software CD that works well. Stevens had an excellent post on another topic where he described editing the PPD file to either pre-configure or constrain feature-set.


                    Best regards,


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