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Maintaining performance for demanding environments

Discussion created by Jim Denk on Apr 19, 2013
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We are moving to a high availability scenario running on two installations of windows server 2008 R2. The spool is running from an external drive and the DB server is on a separate machine.


We have large printing volumes between classes, so we see distinct spike times for printing. Moreover we have a wide range of documents and document types.


We have a fairly large volume of print jobs with spool files ranging from 50K to over 2GB.


We had to restart the print server this morning and clear the spool files to get the CPU to cease being pegged at 100% and get Pharos back up and running. I recognize that this is something that may happen regardless of infrastructure given that we have no control over the jobs being printed.


I was wondering if anyone out there has a solution to providing or approaching 100% availibility for printing. I'm concerned that in a high availability cluster scenario, the print server will still technically be responding at 100% load, and even if I script a forced failover that the documents causing the problems will be resent.


I've toyed with trying to find a manner for redirect large documents to a separate server so that the majority of the jobs remain unaffected by the few larger ones that are causing problems. Although, I'm not sure if you have to suck the performance hit on the server just to identify the document size.


I'd love other peoples ideas on how to have or give the appearance of 100% uptime.