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Managing printer driver installations across multiple print servers

Question asked by Michael Ward on Apr 19, 2013
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Hi All,


Simple question - How do you manage your printer driver installations across multiple print servers? I'm sure managing printer drivers is something we've all been battling with!


When we install a new printer driver to a print server, we generally also install it to the other print servers in the environment to ensure consistency and to make it simple to transfer the printer to other print servers in future.


We maintain a central repository for the printer drivers. To install the driver onto the print servers we use a batch file copied to the driver directory that when run will install the driver to the print server. This avoids having to do the whole 'Add printer driver' GUI thing, but does still require logging on to every print server to execute the batch file.


I did write a vbscript process in the past to push the drivers out to the print servers, which worked for a while but we ultimately abandoned as it was too flakey due to the quirks of Windows driver installations.


While our current process works for us, I'm always looking for better ways to do things. So I'm interested to hear how other organisations manage this. Specialist software? Custom scripting? Or just good ol manual effort?